Thursday, July 24, 2014

Apple - The Real Evil

I avoided them as much as I can, and it was because they were the "image" more than the product. They've doubled the price of the same processing power, same ram and usability. Cause arty types - most of which are hipsters who don't do anything with their macbook except exposing it in the trendy cafe - started buying them. If anyone was actually doing any video art(!) they would totally purchase some other set up.

Anyway... I was OK with this until I needed to use my girlfriends ex-iphone. Because the handset is pretty solid and does everything I need. She used to mention it didn't work because she updated the apps and they won't work unless she buys a new phone. I nodded thinking I was right all along, apple was the real evil. But now it hit me directly since my old android burned it's processor after 6 years of harsh use.

Anyway I picked up the iphone and first unlocked it. And then made a search how to use it. All I saw was hundreds of websites about how to use "OBSOLETE" iphones as security cameras and ipods. Consider the amount of waste, the pollution, for the production and distribution of these products. The harm Apple is causing is IMMENSE by forcing you to change your phone every couple of years. And they don't even give you another option - you MUST upgrade.

So F! you iphone!!! I'll find a way of using you and won't buy a new phone...